cosmetic gum contouring against a "gummy smile"

Part of the cosmetic dentistry is the smile lift procedure. It is a cosmetic form of dental treatment used to improve the general appearance of а person's teeth. Why smile lift? In case of a "gummy smile'. The reason behind it is the gums covering a too big part of the teeth, making them look too short. This can affect negatively an individual's self-confidence. Often people with "gummy smile" avoid smiling.

In fact, there are several causes for a "gummy smile" - genetic, health circumstanced or certain high blood pressure medication (as a side effect). In general, "gummy smile" is more an aesthetic issue than a health problem.

The smile lift procedure

The "smile lift" procedure requires a painless surgical intervention. You won't feel anything because you will be under local anesthesia during the whole procedure. It is usually completed in one visit, whereas repeated visits are necessary in order to observe its results and the recreation process. However, the outcomes are visible after the first visit.

Before starting any action the area of treatment is desensitized via local anesthesia. Then the smile lift procedure begins with removing the excessive gum over the tooth structure, using a laser or a scalpel. A diode laser is applied for 20-40 minutes. In some cases, in order to achieve better results, we might need to remove a small part of your bone to which your teeth are rooted. We will consider doing it, should we estimate that the gum will reform itself too far downwards on the teeth. Even if it seems frightening or complicated, it is as simple procedure as the excessive gum removing. The new gum margin is important be at a certain distance from the repositioned bone level. Cutting away the excessive gum, we will reshape the one that is to remain in place.

When using diod laser the healing process is faster. Immediately after the surgery your gums will be sensitive and therefore you need to be very careful when brushing your teeth.

For a more appealing smile, porcelain veneers or crowns can be placed after the surgery. No wonder that the most fabulous make-ups are obtained via the combination of a smile lift and porcelain veneers.

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