The red white aesthetics is a key stage of process of obtaining beautiful smile. As a whole the term red white aesthetics is connected with the color, the form and the level of the gums around the neck of the teeth. The appearance of the gum as important as the one of the teeth themselves as they are interconnected.

When the gum recedes up (gingival recession), the form and the appearance of the tooth changes as the tooth root exposes. Most often this concerns the teeth in the frontal area (incisors and canine teeth). When teeth are at the beginning stage of root exposure, they are usually stable, but with the time they can start moving and being sensitive.

In this case, although the form of the tooth crown is perfect, the type of the smile and the aesthetics are changed. The most common reasons for gingival recessions are:

  • Incorrect traumatic tooth brushing /hard toothbrush and rough horizontal movements/
  • High frenal attachments /individual oral anatomy/
  • Incorrect orthodontic treatment
  • Piercing of the tongue or the lips
  • Parafunctions /bruxism/ leading to clenching or creaking of the teeth. This also results in a temporomandibular joint disease (TMS). In terms of gingival recession, the best method for recovering the red white aesthetics is mucosal grafting to cover the exposed area of the tooth root and to recover the contour of the gum.

In the PM Dental clinic we apply the most contemporary and micro invasive technique for treatment of gingival recession – the tunnel technique as a replacement of the gum. 

This is the most comfortable way for the patient to cope with the problem of gingival recession. It is a bloodless micro-plastic surgery, where by using special micro-instruments the gum around the area of recession is pulled back a few millimeters from the surface of the roots and the teeth, after which under the so levered gum regenerative material is inserted and sewed a bit so as to prevent from changing the position. We prefer to use a substitute as this way the patient discomfort of the manipulation is minimum and the time for sewing is less. When applying this technique the patient is completely efficient and can continue their normal life rhythm almost immediately after the correction. The other treatment options for gingival recession are the classical periodontal operations – they are applied when there is no possibility to use the tunnel techniques.

The first option is to take the patient’s own mucous membrane from a suitable place of the oral cavity and to place it to the exposed root area. Usually such a place is the palate.

The second option is to use a natural biologic matrix, prepared in a way (formed-up and dried-up) which should reduce to minimum the chances for incompatibility.

In other cases the teeth look short and unaesthetically. Sometimes this might be due to the tooth wear, which results in the reduction of the height of the bite. The facial expression is also influenced by the tooth wear – there is a decreasing effect of the lower third of the face. There are changes in the lower jaw joint, accompanied with pain and twinging. This problem is treated most effectively by designing crowns which recover the normal size of the teeth and the height of the bite.

Other patients have short teeth at birth. Those patients’ bite is normal and there is no way to change the appearance of their teeth with higher crowns as the bite will be levered and this will lead to changes when chewing and to discomfort. In those cases the methods of red white aesthetics are applicable. The solution here is to free space up to the size of the crown by partly “pulling back” the gum to the roots of the teeth. This can be done using two main methods – by a microsurgery operation and by a laser. Both methods require cutting part of the gum, whereas the rest of it is formed according to the type of the tooth necks. This is how teeth become longer without changing the height of the bite. Perfect red white aesthetics and entirely new appearance of the teeth are reached, when all working principles are considered.  

The color of the gums is also part of the red white aesthetics. In some cases when there are metal ceramic crowns the gum might be colored in grey in the area around the edge of the crown. This implies the placement of threshold ceramics or the replacement of the crown with a zirconium one, which could bring back the normal light rose color of the healthy gums.

To have red and white aesthetics (appearance of the teeth) is condition for a beautiful smile, which will definitely make good impression to the others and will bring about the charm of your smile.

The price of the manipulation is determined at place after a clinical and x-ray check of the patient according to the complexity, the quantity of the necessary materials and the individual characteristics of the operative techniques of each particular clinical case.


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