Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. The gap can affect your self-confidence, your ability to chew food and your bite. Moreover, as teeth support cheeks, teeth loss causes them to sag, giving you an older look. Many factors can lead to losing a tooth – a periodontal disease, decay, a trauma, etc. For many years now this has been treated using dentures. Today's dentistry offers alternative methods such as dental implants and fixed bridges.

Today's dentistry offers alternative methods such as dental implants and fixed bridges. However, dentures are preferred for financial reasons. Yet a lot of people would go for the fixed bridges as they bring a significant difference to the quality of their everyday life. Depending on the number of missing teeth, you can get a complete denture when all your teeth are missing. Partial denture or over denture is used if there aren't only a few teeth.

Valplast denture
With the progress of the cosmetic dentistry, the materials, of which dentures are made, vary. Among the most advanced solution today is the flexible Vaplast cosmetic dentures. These are removable partial dentures made from nylon resin, making them more flexible than traditional dentures. They have the advantage to adapt to the shape of your mouth, making them more comfortable to wear. As they don't have any metal clasps, which are often visible, they are far more aesthetic as well. They are strong, lightweight and the match your existing teeth. In other words, Valplast dentures provide significant improvement on traditional dentures turning them into the preferred dentures for many.

The procedure of designing a denture
On your first visit, the necessity for dentures will be assessed. In some cases you might need some treatment so that your gums become healthy. Immediate denture could be placed. However, on that first appointment, we will also take an impression of your jaws, which we will use as a model to fabricate your dentures in a way that they will fit the contours of your jaws exactly. A dental technician will design your dentures exactly according to the specifications given by your dentist. Basically, your denture must be held to your gums by their natural suction. In some cases we might need to use a fixative. Unfortunately, dentures become loose as with years gums reduce in quantity. This way your removable dentures will need to be replaced as they will no longer fit your gums. To deal with this, there are techniques for fixing dentures in place by using dental implants (mini implants). It will allow for consuming any type of meals without preoccupying that your dentures will become loose or will fall out. These days more and more patients prefer to have the implants' treatment as it improves their lives significantly.

Some notes:
Your dentures must be cleaned on a regular basis. Dentures should be removed at night so that the gums have a rest and expose to your natural salvia. It is highly recommendable that you brush it and then soak it in a glass of cold water mixed with special cleaning tablets. You should visit your dentist regularly in order to make sure that your dentures are in a good condition and continue to fit your gums.

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