The pain in the head, the neck, the ears and the jaws are just some of the symptoms of TMC dysfunction. If the jaws, the teeth, and the joints do not function properly, various symptoms may occur.

Many patients have been searching for the cause of their chronic, persistent pain for years, by attending various doctors from chiropractors to physiotherapists, etc., but receive little relief.

The TMOS MyOSA system consists of a series of intra-oral splint, especially designed to assist in the diagnosis and the alleviation of TMJ dysfunctions. They also adjust the alignment of the lower jaw and stretch the healthy and painful muscles around the jaws, the head and the neck, resulting in an immediate reduction of pain. They are successfully applied in the treatment of squeezing (bruxism) and squeaking (bruxomania). A separate series of the system has been developed to alleviate the symptoms of night snoring.

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