MP Dent is a modernly equipped clinic where dental surgery is performed by specialists with proven long-standing experience. Interventions are done under local or general anesthesia so as our patients feel maximum comfort and minimum pain.

Some of our most common surgery interventions are:

  • treatment of the inflammatory processes in the maxillo-facial area
  • extraction of teeth
  • operational removal of not or partly erupted wisdom teeth
  • removal of benign formations in the jawbone
  • all operations in the periodontal surgery
  • removal of benign soft tissue formations in the mouth
  • plastic technique to close communication with the maxillary sinus
  • teeth exposure as a preparation for subsequent orthodontic treatment
  • surgical treatment of tooth injuries, injuries of the soft tissues and the jaws
  • guided regeneration of soft tissues and jawbone

Other wide-spread types of surgery intervention are:

  • circumcision of wisdom teeth
  • apicoectomy, hemisection, root amputation of a multi-root tooth
  • frenulotomy
  • correction of alveolar crest
  • pre-prosthetic preparation of the soft and the hard tissue in the mouth

The most operations are planned beforehand. We make x-ray images, scanner or other necessary tests. We discuss the way the operation will be done and we appoint a date.

For patients with accompanying diseases we prescribe the respective premedication.

Shall you need any further advice on the implants and the surgery interventions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Mobile: +359 898 42 44 90


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