What happens when some of your front teeth are damaged – decayed, cracked, worn, etc.? Depending on the scale of the tooth deterioration there are several treatment techniques developed for recovering the health and the aesthetic look of the front teeth. If it is a matter of bigger or multiple damages your tooth might need to be restored with a porcelain veneer or a crown.

Let's focus on the cases where part of the tooth structure is impacted or there is a cosmetic concern that needs to be dealt with - tooth decay, discoloration, stains, fractures, cosmetic imperfection.

Dental bonding is a technique that can transform your smile in just a single visit. It is now possible to form a new tooth by merely smearing moldable resin composite on its left structure. This helps the tooth recover its natural shape.

If you need a cosmetic enhancement for your teeth, depending on your particular case and using the dental bonding technique, we can:

  • Mask or correct minor to moderate imperfections of chipped, disfigured, or misaligned front teeth
  • Replace an existing amalgam filling or treat caries using dental composite (white fillings)
  • Narrow or fill completely an existing space between your teeth (diastemas, tremas)
  • Reshape your front teeth
  • Perform a Smile makeover using composite veneers


As the composite material needs a clean surface to bond to we will first start with cleaning up the tooth surface from any dental plaque, tartar, or other surface accumulations and debris. Then the bonding agent is often applied to the tooth in several thin layers until the desired shape and translucency are achieved. The final step involves polishing the composite for a smooth ending.

The benefit of bonding rests in the fact that there is minimal or no decrease of the structure of the tooth. It is a reversible technique and the tooth color can be made white. However, these bonded restorations can break or discolor far easily than the porcelain crowns, veneers made in laboratory. Yet bonding restoration can be set right or restored without any difficulty. We encourage you to upload pictures of your teeth and ask your questions, using our "quote" section.  

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