How we help patients overcome fear and pain Modern dentistry today suggests various techniques and methods, which help patients to overcome their anxieties, related to the dentist's visit and can even make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We understand the fear of pain (the so called dental phobia) and we take measures to help you overcome it. We may prove that visiting your dentist is a pleasant and painless experience. Sedation dentistry can enable patients to fight their fears.

Pain relief

We provide comfort on the dentist chair by performing all types of procedures and by communicating with the patients while they are under local anesthesia.
The benefit of the anesthetic is that it dulls the pain and you don't feel the effects of the treatment. We act according to your reactions. We take into consideration your wish to stop at any time of the procedure in order to take a break or receive an additional anesthetic.
We believe that communication is the path to proficient dental services. We thereby explain to you every upcoming procedure, emphasizing on what you might feel. Be relaxed – we acknowledge the importance of using non-technical, easy-to-understand language when doing that. We make sure you feel well throughout the whole procedure.
Your comfort is our preoccupation even after the manipulation. Thus, we provide you with necessary painkillers and / or antibiotics.

Fighting fear of pain

According to the prescriptions of the so called sedation dentistry you may wish to have sedatives before you visit us. They will relieve most of the stress and the anxiety that you feel before the dental treatment. You will be in consciousness and able to follow any instructions of the dentist.
Oral sedatives cannot relieve pain because they are not analgetics. We will use a local anesthetic to prevent from pain.
We offer a sleep dentistry option as well. Our experienced anesthesiologist can administer dental treatment, performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia. You will be completely at ease and will have little or no memory of what was happened following treatment.
Monitoring of the patient is maintained during treatment to ensure they are okay, and numerous procedures can be done in one setting if necessary and the patient wishes it.
You are advised to plan your journey home beforehand as you will be unable to drive. A friend might be of assistance. Additional fees apply.

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