The open sinus lift (lateral access), is when the lower part and the membrane of the maxillary sinus. This is a common procedure when placing implants due to insufficient bone volume.

Between the sinus mucosa and the maxillary sinus, we will place a bone graft, mixed with your own and enriched with CGF. In a few months it will be integrated or replaced, after a resorption, with a thick healthy bone. 

The placement of the implants is usually done during the same visit. The operation is completely painless and requires local and rarely full anesthesia. The good equipment and materials, combines with our long-term experience in the field of implantology, sinus membrane lifting and bone grafting are a guarantee for success and beautiful smiles.  

The closed sinus lift is another procedure for lifting the sinus membrane and increasing the height of the bone of the alveolar ridge of the upper jaw in order to place longer and more stable implants in case of missing teeth. This is done by making a small hole in the alveolar ridge and placing a bone through it, followed by an implant. Local anesthesia is applied.

The sinus membrane lifting can also be done with water (hydrodynamic lifting). It is extremely safe and reliable method.

The operation is with a high success rate. We use newest technology and innovative solutions to recover your charming smile in the clinic. 

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