These days dental implants are often the preferred solution for replacing missing teeth. They have proved to provide long-term effects, to slow down the bone loss and to preserve the nearby healthy tissue. No matter what caused the teeth loss, they need to be replaced to recover their functions and aesthetic look. THE DENTAL IMPLANT IS actually the root of the new tooth. It is usually made of titanium and is fused to the bone (osseointegration) so as it forms a strong and durable foundation for tooth replacement.

The procedure of placing dental implants

Before starting any procedure on implants' placing, the health of your teeth and gums must be assessed. In this respect, we will first make some x-rays and, if necessary, a CT scan in order to assess the bone quality and examine the nearby anatomical structure, then plan your treatment.

Usually the dental implants placement procedure is carried out, while the patient is under local anesthesia or sometimes under IV sedation, if the patient is very anxious. The intervention begins with cutting and lifting of the gum and drilling holes into the jawbone at the precise location, where the implant should be placed. The area forms up a socket, in which the implant is fitted and the gum – stitched back over it. Upon the absence of sufficient bone material for the implant accommodation, the dentist might choose to use bone graft or a smaller (a mini) implant.

Note that, as the procedure involves a healing period, you will be provided with temporary teeth or bridges or you will continue wearing dentures. The temporary teeth should not exert any force on the healing implant. Once this period is over the permanent crown is fixed over the implant.

Our solid theoretical and practical expertise in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, periodontistry and prosthodontistry would reassure you that you will receive quality and sustainable services in terms of placing dental implants and bone regeneration.

Advantages of the dental implants

Dental implants:
Reduce bone loss
When you lose a tooth, there is a hole left in your month at the place, where the tooth root was situated in the past. Over time the bone around this area will start disappearing. This changes the shape of the jaw and can make a person look older as often the skin sags.

Ensure easily maintained dental hygiene
It is as easy to clean around teeth fixed to implants as around your natural teeth. Yet, you might encounter some difficult areas. We can show you helpful techniques to deal with them. Avoid the drilling of any healthy tooth structure.

Drilling healthy tooth structure is applied when missing teeth are replaced with dental bridges. In this technique the tooth structure of the teeth adjacent to the gap is reduced in order to accommodate a crown or a bridge. An eventual damage of these teeth would lead to the dropping out of the entire bridge restoration. Unlike that, with implants, the restoration is absolutely independent on any other teeth.

Compatibility of the dental implants
People with developed jawbones of all ages can have dental implants. If there is not enough bone for dental implants, bone-grafting and tissue-regeneration procedures can be applied to make placing dental implants possible. The sinus lift procedure involves creating of new bone, increasing this way the height of the bone needed for implants' placement.
The grafting involves the placement of a piece of bone extracted from some other part of the body (e.g. the chin, the back of the lower jaw) over a bone deficient area. The underlying bone fuses to the new piece. Note that the bone of your own body is more viable and gives faster healing results as compared to other solutions. Very often, dentists use the combination of artificial bone substitutes and original bone structure.

Types of dental implants
We work with all standard dental implant systems that have proven to be efficient, including Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer, AlphaBio.

For those who wish to try innovative solutions, we offer CERAMIC IMPLANTS, or elsewhere METAL-FREE ZIRCONIUM IMPLANTS. If wondering why innovative solutions and why ceramic implants, here is the answer –materials in the dentistry are key factors for a brilliant and healthy smile. Ceramic implants set the foundations of a whole new era of natural holistic dentistry.


They are made of Zirconium oxide (ZrO2), highly resistant to fracture and heat ceramic. Should you choose Zirconia implants you would rejoice at least the following benefits: It suggests alternative to placing metal (usually titanium) to fix your teeth; Your new tooth will look more real, as Zirconia natural color is white; Your dental hygiene will be higher and your gums healthier as Zirconia retains less plaque and calculus than titanium.

We recommend it because it is:
Biocompatible, or being an inert material it is very unlikely to cause allergic infections; Solid, or it suggests strength; Osseointegrative, or it contributes to a tight joint between the bone and the tooth. We join the dentists who believe that Zirconium is the 'White Gold' of implantology and we wish to enhance its utilization further.

ENDOPORE DENTAL IMPLANT SYSTEM. It is especially designed for extremely deficient bone. What differs it from other systems is that through a microporous structure it is fused to, but not screwed in the bone. It allows for the successful placing of very short implants.


This is the better option as compared to dentures. Instead of the tedious placing of denture glue 3 times a day, full mouth implant reconstruction offers you a permanent solution. The full mouth implant reconstruction can virtually retrieve your natural smile – just bring a picture of your teeth and we will make this possible.

Other benefits
In addition, we offer the quality implants at low prices as we have a long-term agreement for buying them directly from the factory.
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